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The feco | forum is our info blog for architects & co.

The feco | forum is our online marketplace for architects, planners, developers, investors and users looking for the right solution. Here, we present concepts that will shape how we will work in years to come.

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The feco | forum is our showroom in Karlsruhe

The feco | Forum in Karlsruhe is a lively place of communication with our customers and the everyday work space for our employees in Karlsruhe. Experience our product diversity on more than 3,500 m² of exhibition space.

The feco | forum is the venue for „dialog im forum

In our series of events, we are working on knowledge and design topics around the office of the future. Sign up for our newsletter and receive invitations for upcoming events.

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Welcome to feco | forum in Karlsruhe

From the outside our feco I forum with its architecture is a sign: the black wavy aluminum facade gives a presence and meets in the entrance area the material wood, which is a reference to the origin of our company. The building, which has been awarded numerous prizes, was designed by Stuttgart-based architectural firm LRO Lederer, Ragnarsdóttir, Oei. The four-storey building combines the characteristics of an emotional showroom with that of a rational office building. It shows much more than office furniture and partitions. It expands our presentation space, because daylight, shape and design unfold their full effect here.

The feco | Forum is dominated by daylight in the interior. Light falls through the perforated windows in the south, full of the shop windows in the west and in the north, of course, from above. In addition, all full storeys receive light from the center. "The most inexpensive, because it costs nothing and surpasses us all, is the material light". (Prof. Arno Lederer)

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Experience our product diversity on more than 3.500 m2 of exhibition space at feco | forum.

feco | forum, Am Storrenacker 22, 76139 Karlsruhe, Germany
Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Phone +49 721 6289-0,


Get to know the heart of our own personal spaces: the „IdeenReich" - the feco-feederle office landscape at feco | forum. Here, we test innovative furnishing trends and new ways of working.


In the feco | Forum, we invite you to our „HimmelReich“ – the feco-feederle-Lounge, where we combine encounters, conversations and heavenly pleasures.

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